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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Friday Party by Leblon Pics

Friday, July 17, 2009

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COMING SOON! Kettlebell Training with Lauri Rudach, CPT

Lauri Rudach, CPT
-American Kettlebell Club Coach and Fitness Trainer.
-Rmax Coach Trainee
-Power Yoga Certified

“Within 15 years” Lauri has accrued an in-depth and comprehensive library of fitness knowledge that cannot be undersold, and her fitness experience span's across the entire fitness spectrum.
Lauri is a Black Belt in two Martial Arts disciplines, and certified to provide Group Fitness Instruction, Joint Mobility Instruction, Bodybuilding Training, Yoga, Kettlebells, Clubbells, and Personal Training for General Audiences.

Lauri’s “Fitness IQ” is constantly growing due to the research and practice she puts into fitness on a daily basis. Her continued education is evident to anyone who watches her train, because the content evolves over time, and is noticeable from session to session. Lauri's formal fitness education/certifications and continued educational credit’s (CEC’s) took place at the most reputable institutions (NASM), and position her at various exclusive professional fitness events (Summit's, Convention's, Kettlebell Classes/Seminars and Competitions- both as a student of the practice, and as a competitive athlete) that are only open to those who are top-in-industry.

The Kettlebell expertise that Lauri possesses has reached a level of depth and breadth that is unequaled in the City of Philadelphia, and is in contention Nationwide. Rest assured that Lauri has no intention of slowing down and becoming complacent in her practice due to her personal accomplishments. Her determination to become better each and every day is what fuels her fitness, and inspires all of those that she works with. Lauri's discipline and dedication to fitness is very contagious, and she always inspires her clients to fulfill their fitness potential with her actions, instead of using words that may or may not mean anything to some people. She speaks the universal language of fitness, which is hard work and dedication.

Lauri's sessions are filled with cutting-edge techniques and boast a broad and diverse catalog of movements to choose from. This diversity in technique and movement enables each client to continue moving forward toward their goal(s) by avoiding reaching a plateau due to the adaptation of the muscles. Each client is also building his or her own “Fitness IQ” with each session, which gives them the ability to live a fit and healthy lifestyle forever, not just under Lauri’s direction.

Lauri is referred to as a “purist” in the fitness community, and because of this love and dedication to fitness; she intends to give all that she possibly can to each and every one of her clients. Lauri is driven by passion, not greed, and this is what makes her such an amazing Fitness Professional.

E-Mail Address:
Phone #: 215.925.0215

Level 1 Fitness Welcome’s Personal Trainer Mike Mauncele!

Michael Mauncele, CPT

Michael has been training professionally in the Philadelphia area for the past 10-years and has many fitness accomplishments and credentials to show for it. Michael became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and was later certified as a Kettlebell Instructor through NASM as well. Town Sports International (TSI), the largest Fitness Company in America, recognized Michael’s training prowess by awarding him the title of Master Trainer, the highest title/award TSI offers.

Michael began to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer after serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps. Michael then dedicated himself to the pursuit of health and wellness, and he hasn’t looked back since. In addition to training others, Michael was avid Professional Power-Lifter, competing nationally multiple times in contests sponsored by the American Power Lifting Federation.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, Michael will educate you, and drive you toward achieving your specific fitness goals. Servicing a broad based clientele, Michael is well versed in: High Intensity Training (HIT), Bodybuilding, Kettlebell Training, Circuit Training and Weight loss and will design a workout regimen that targets your specific goals. Michael will train your entire body and mind, giving you a functional and healthy body that you will love!


E-Mail Address:
Phone #: 267.455.4674

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Personal Trainer Kanika Looby

Philly born, new York schooled Kanika Looby has been in the fitness industry for some years now, living in Philadelphia all her life she worked out avidly, but wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do as a career. One sunny after noon while staying at friend house in South Beach, Miami she was training a good friend of hers, when the friend suggested she try training for a living…. Well that’s an idea….

Kanika went back to new York city where she obtained her certification at ACE, (American Council on Exercise), for personal training, soon after she enrolled in seminar with a Dr. Regis who specialized in degenerative disc disease, and other ailments of the spine. She learned with him the importance of strengthening the spine to prevention on injury to just good old fashion posture.

A few months later she started working for a private gym in Tribeca, new York , called O- diesel where she trained David Blaine, Petra Nemcova and everyday for 2years the fabulous Rupaul , as well as a bevy of other fashion beauties. With most of her clients in the entertainment business she focused with them core strength, strength training and flexibility with the focus on elongation of the muscles and improving her clients posture.

Kanika went on to learn more about the body and ways to make keep it strong and in good condition, she started working for a Physical Therapy clinic in New York’s” Union square, the same facility in which Dr. Andrew Feldman practices, Dr. Feldman serves as the head team Physician for the New York Rangers Hockey team. This is where kanika learned a wealth of knowledge regarding surgery, pre and post op; as well as everyday ailments such as runners knee, bursitis of the shoulders and rotator cuff injuries.

Now she incorporates all of this information in every clients regime so they will be predisposed to injury, build mucle , and overall balance and well being. Kanika moved back to Philadelphia where she works at level One fitness and will be entering school for P.T or Nursing. “ I haven’t decided which one yet she says, I just want to help people be the best they can be healthwise”. Now that sounds like another great idea!

Decisions, Decisions..... by Bobby Buoncristiano


We all choose to label ourselves as angry, happy, excited, depressed, etc.

Once you are able to see everything in life as energy that you choose to label, and nothing more than that, you are then in control of your life. Do not allow the external factors that we must all face each and every day of our lives dictate how you think, feel, and behave if you want to succeed. If you allow external factors to direct you, this means that you are not the one in control. You are rendering yourself powerless against even the smallest of obstacles, and following this path will never allow you to reach your true potential in life. Take control of yourself and your life, and you will be astonished by how the pieces will just start falling into place like you never dreamed possible.

Take a few minutes each day to practice the lost art of introspection. By taking an honest look inside of ourselves every day, we will form a stronger relationship with ourselves, and begin to know this about yourself that you never even knew before, which is strange and interesting to think about. Become your own best friend.

Knowing who you are, and what you want in life is the most crucial step in Transformation, and it should be the first step taken when we decide to travel another path. Sadly, this step is often neglected, and because of this many people fail soon after they begin traveling a new path. They resort back to what is familiar and comfortable, but I promise you that running and hiding behind old habits will never move forward, and will never know what true happiness and fulfillment in life.

You can avoid failure by knowing who you are, and what you want. Once you define who you want to be, and what you want to achieve, you will find the drive and motivation that had been missing in your past attempts to Transform. I suggest you write out a definition of your goals, and it should be specific and clear. Writing out your definition of goals turns it from thoughts, which we cannot see or feel, and makes it a physical and very real object that you cannot alter with excuses and justifications. Writing a definition of goals will make you accountable for your actions and results. By creating a sense accountability for yourself, you will begin to unlock your true potential. Simply put, accountability forces us to be honest with ourselves, and once the justifications or lying to yourself stops, your life begins.

The answer is inside of you. Look.

*P.S.- read the song lyrics below if you want, they make sense to me.

"You're always saying that there's something wrong
I'm starting to believe it's your plan all along
Death came around, forced to hear its song
And know tomorrow can't be depended on
Seen the home inside your head
All locked doors and unmade beds
Open sores unattended
Let me say just once that
I have faced it, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
I escaped it, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
HAVEN'T tasted, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
The world awaits just up the stairs
Leave the pain for someone else
Nothing back there for you to find
Or was it you you left behind?
You're always saying you're too weak to be strong
You're harder on yourself than just about anyone
Why swim the channel just to get this far?
Halfway there, why would you turn around?
Darkness comes in waves...tell me,
Why invite it to stay?
You're one with negativity
Yes, comfort is an energy
But why let the sad song play?
I have faced it, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
Oh I escaped it, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
HAVEN'T tasted, a life wasted
I'm never going back again
oh i erased it, a life wasted
I'm never going back again"

-Pearl Jam, Life Wasted

-Bobby Buoncristiano, CPT
Philly Fit-4-Life Head Trainer

Friday, May 15, 2009

Level 1 Fitness on NBC

Check out NBC's LXTV- First Look with Siafa Lewis as they feature Kinesis at Level 1 Fitness.